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Hey girl, don’t get lost on the trail, find yourself! Here you’ll discover so much more than the destination! #TrailTherapy is about the journey and we welcome you to come along with us! 

Trail Therapy Hike Alabama


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Trail Therapy Hiking
Trail Therapy Hiking


Ever wish you could find time for yourself? We’re moms, business owners and active community members who know all too well the pain of trying to balance everything in life. But on hikes with our friends – the ones who are always there for each other no matter what – we discover rest & renewal! It may not be mastered yet, but when we get back from outdoor adventuring we’ve found that nature always leaves us feeling good! Fresh air without any interruptions or distractions; plus perspective through nature’s lens lets us see things clearer than ever! View our hikes to confidently find your own trail therapy way. Or, invite us to visit your location?

Trail Therapy Hiking


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Trail Therapy Hiking
Trail Therapy Hiking


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Enjoy nature again, and with full confidence as a female! We all know the feeling of being surrounded by lush trees and clean air on a beautiful day. But what if you’re not sure where to go to find more of it? Here, we take time out from our busy lives for outdoor adventures and we want to help you do the same! Trail Therapy is here with helpful tips about nearby trails so that women everywhere can enjoy nature too. We’ll cover everything including:

Solo-hiking Hacks, when to hit the trail & why, what we’ve learned as females on the trail, how to prepare and family/kid friends hikes.


Trail Therapy Hiking

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