Hey there It’s Ashley & Sarah.

We’re a lot like you! Two ladies that have been struggling our way through life and found each other while exploring the Appalachian foothills of this Tennessee Valley Region in Northeast Alabama. Together, we’ve found delightfully healing places to take photos with jaw-dropping surprises around every corner.  This region has been our home for many years now – but it’s not just any old place; this area offers up some of northeast Alabama’s most diverse landscape with breathtaking views that are out-of-this world gorgeous. No matter what time of year or weather condition you’re experiencing at present moment (which also happens to make exploring these woods rather picturesque) you will find rest, here. If things seem too daunting on your own? No worries because as soon as someone says “outdoor girls” you can be sure we will show you exactly where to go…

Sarah and Ashley Trail Therapy

 Our Mission

“Don’t get lost on the trail, find yourself again! Here you’ll discover so much more than the destination! It’s all about the journey at #TrailTherapy so let’s get outdoors & have fun!”

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Meet Ashley.


Ashley is an ambitious, fun loving dreamer who is wild at heart and in love with nature. She has a passion for mother Earth and showcasing that through her photographic art.  She grew up “in the country” nestled between two mountains and spent her childhood traipsing through the woods. 


“The Outdoors Are Calling.”


By developing a love of outdoors at an early age, she finds herself by getting lost in the woods.  Ashley is a full time photographer and mother.  She spends her free time outdoors hiking, kayaking, camping, traveling and exploring all the places near and far!   Ashley owns a photography business that has lead to 14 plus years of capturing people.  It wasn’t until during the COVID quarantine that she realized she could photograph nature too. 

Come along with us and see what she sees through her lens! 

Find her on Instagram at @LifesMirrorImages or @TrailTherapyAL

Meet Sarah.

Sarah is an upbeat, hardworking woman who has been able to thrive in both the private & public business sectors due to her innate skills since childhood.

As an Army veteran she’s made more moves than she can count- but it seems like Sarah finally found something that makes sense of her unique lifesyle.  After becoming Tourism Director of a northeast Alabama County in 2019 – on the brink of a worldwide pandemic – she found creative new ways to show off  her new home, while generating interst in her local economy.


“The Best is Yet to Come.”


Sarah is a marketing and business development expert with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Her background has given her insight into how people interact, which often leads to connecting them with things they care about most – like outdoor respite! Sarah rekindled a love for the outdoors during COVID 19 and saw an opportunity to showcase new places for regional hikers to go. Sarah was further inspired to continue working with Ashley to develope a program aimed at helping woman explore outdoors, confidently.

Find her on Instagram at @MrsDStahl or @TrailTherapyAL

trail therapy team

We Hike and Tell.

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